**There will be no Goalkeeper Training the week of March 15-21**


I truly could not stress how great this training is enough. Sean is hands down my favorite keeper trainer I have had over the years of my keeper career. He is the most genuine coach I have worked with who cares about his players and knows how to push you to be your best. His training helped me find my weaknesses and build on them, while also becoming stronger and faster in other areas. The training  environment is a great mix of friendly , yet intense, where fellow keepers push each other to be the best we can be. As a 3 year varsity starter and a D2 bound keeper, I 10/10 would recommend this training for all levels, especially if you are wishing to take your game to the next level. You wont regret it.


Caroline Rowe

 Training with Sean has helped Liv not only become the best keeper possible, but she knows he believes in her ability and that has converted into confidence that she brings with her on the field. Sean is also great at reading kids, knowing their limits and being able to push them just a little beyond that limit so they can still be successful while achieving their full potential. Sean isn’t just Liv’s trainer on Friday and Sunday, he is also either attending games or asking for game updates. Over the past year, parents and coaches have commented on how much Liv has improved as a keeper and a team leader, and Sean has been pivotal in helping her improve that part of her game. While the atmosphere at training is intense, Sean also maintains a fun atmosphere that brings the keepers together as friends who encourage and support each other at training and at games. Fear the Keeper is the best training choice ever!  

Allan Sapp

Jacob has been training with Fear The Keeper for a few awhile and he has been a positive coach/trainer. Jacob likes the intense and fun training that Sean offers. Everyone on the field is working hard and yet everyone has a smile on their face. Sean was there to talk to Jacob when he was struggling and talked him through the tough times. Sean made it a point to come out to games and cheer him on and give him live pointers during the game. Sean is always like when is the next game dude and call me or let me know how it goes. The amount of improvement that Jacob has made over the past few month is incredible, and as a parent it is fun to watch him grow. Jacob is now trusting his instincts and training and not to think about it and just react. The training is not easy but as Jacob says “You will be pushed to your limit and Sean will just push a little more by saying just one more ball, after the 3rd extra ball”. The team work from all the other players at Fear The Keeper is great it is like a big family.  If you are looking to get better then check out Fear The Keeper.

Sarah & Ashley


Sean is hands down the best trainer that my daughter has ever worked with. Sean is also the only one my daughter will  work with going forward.   Not only does Sean deliver on his intense training sessions, he makes it fun, even when holding these kids accountable. During sessions, these kids are faced with their competition. It's amazing how these kids all get along and support one another during every single training session. Many will face off on the field and they have such a respect for one another, it's truly refreshing! Sean has helped my daughter to mentally focus, shared new techniques, and called her out on her mistakes. She has grown so much as a keeper. It's hard to believe that 3 years ago she was a c3 player. Now, she's playing on a premier team with MTA and playing Varsity. This was only possible with Sean's dedication to her growth. Can't thank him enough for all the encouragement he gives. Not only to my daughter, but every kid that walks through his door.

Let your kids try a session, they'll be hooked! Thanks Sean for doing what you do 

Amy Powers

 Sean has been my keeper coach for about 10 years now. I remember being one of the only 8 year olds that would actually dive for the ball because of his training. He has game-like drills that will make you want to cry but in the end will make you a much better keeper. Sean knows how to push you to your limits and reach your full potential. Although his trainings are hard, they are also very fun and you will have lots of laughs. Not only is he a fantastic coach that will make you a much better player, he is an amazing person who will always be there for you. I would often times call him before important games for some last minute advice or for him to help me settle the nerves. Sean has been the best coach I have ever had and even though I am no longer playing soccer, I still enjoy going to his training sessions.